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Taiwan Animal "Shelters" Exposed.

11/07/2009 17:37
The videos below were exposed on 11/04/2009 by Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (  They showed the unbearable truth about Taiwan Animal Shelters.. Those shelters shouldn't even been named "Shelters." It's more like "Jails"..And these animals are on...

Typhoon Morokot caused hundreds of dogs' lives in Taiwan

08/14/2009 20:49
Typhoon Morokot stroke Southern Taiwan hard and took away hundreds of dogs lives in Taiwan.  Especially those dogs living in the dog farm/sanctuaries.  Many dogs were locked in the cages when the water level went up to a floor high and they drown. Animal Rescue Team Taiwan is organizing...

Adopt Small & Furry Friends!

04/25/2009 01:17
Do you know that you can actually adopt a Hamster, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Rabbit, Ferret, Mouse or Rat? There are also rescued birds, even horses waiting for adoption! These animals sometimes also found themselves homeless and need new chances!  Some may think it's very convenient to get...

Why can't we release them back to the streets... 15 were murdered in one night

04/09/2009 20:36
Here is a news piece just released on 3/29/09.  15 mutt puppies and kittens were all tortured to death and their body were abandoned and exposed at a park in Yunlin County (Southern Taiwan).  Some of these puppies' skins were "peeled" alive; some of them were thrown to the ground multiple...

We're in urgent needs for foster families!

04/01/2009 23:05
We received a plea from a lady who has been helping to care of a dog sanctuary in Taiwan.  She picked up 13 stay puppies from the street. These puppies are now around 5 months old, but had no luck of getting adopt out.  The lady is really worried.  She doesn’t want to see these...

Dongdong and Didi's arrival on 3/20/09

03/25/2009 01:31
  Dongdong and Didi have made their ways to U.S.! Dongdong was a second generation stray, and Didi was a small dog found on the street with a crippled leg.  Both of their lives have changed dramatically for the best. Thank you to our volunteer passanger, Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh, who made it...

3 legged "Peace"

03/11/2009 01:22
I didn't intend to start our blog with a sad story... however, what this dog had been through is just so heart breaking… Little yellow (was later name 3 legged Peace after her rescuer, Peace) was found  

Conditions for Taiwan Stray Dogs

02/03/2009 14:26
Conditions for Taiwan Stray Dogs There are around 2 millions stray dogs and cats living in Taiwan streets. While nowadays house pets may live up to over 15 years, average life for strays in Taiwan is only around  2 years.  During this short amount of 2 years time, most of them lived under...