We're in urgent needs for foster families!

04/01/2009 23:05

We received a plea from a lady who has been helping to care of a dog sanctuary in Taiwan.  She picked up 13 stay puppies from the street. These puppies are now around 5 months old, but had no luck of getting adopt out.  The lady is really worried.  She doesn’t want to see these puppies grew up and spend the rest of their lives in the sanctuary with minimum human contact,, or worse, being released back to the streets. This lady spent all her saving to keep these puppies current on shots and even had these puppies taken nicer pictures at a studio just to hope someone would offer any of them a life time promise.  We are in need of foster homes that would take these puppies in. They are all in good health! 

We have a volunteer passenger will come from Taiwan to LA on 4/22 or 4/25.  We really hope that we can help these poor babies and giving them a chance of better lives! We will provide food and take care of dogs' medical bills, and you will provide space, attention and unconditional love to these puppies.  Please email us for our foster care application.  Thank you. Our email is: SweetHomeRescue@gmail.com.

These puppies adoption photos when they are 3 months old: https://www.wretch.cc/album/album.php?id=hmla0220&book=47

These photos are taken from where they are currently staying..