Adopt Small & Furry Friends!

04/25/2009 01:17

Do you know that you can actually adopt a Hamster, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Rabbit, Ferret, Mouse or Rat? There are also rescued birds, even horses waiting for adoption! These animals sometimes also found themselves homeless and need new chances!  Some may think it's very convenient to get these small animals from the pet stores, why do they have to go far and adopt one? The major reason is the animals at the pet store are from the mills.  These mill animals were treated as money making machines so the corporations can gain profits. (Search pet store’s name & cruelty on youtube). Please adopt instead of purchase.  One good thing for adopting from a rescue group is their animals are vet checked.  You will get to know their health conditions before taking them home!

The good resource to reach out to the rescue groups is  On the left column of their homepage, you can select the kind of animal you wish to adopt.  It's very easy, and you can find all kinds of cute animals waiting for your love.  Buying from a pet store only benefit the mills and corporation while mill animals suffer.  Please consider adopt one instead!