About our pets

All of the pets we put up for adoption are neutered or spayed. They all come with current shots including rabies, a microchip, a travel kennel/crate and documents such as medical certificate and proof of vaccinations. Due to limited foster homes we have in U.S. and lower boarding cost in Taiwan, not all of our pets are currently fostered in U.S. However, please note Taiwan is a rabies free country. All the pets can be brought straight to home once transported here. If the pet you are interested in is not in the U.S. at this moment, and it maybe an issue that you would put into consideration, please inquire with us first before sending your application. Or, maybe you would consider to foster the pet you are interested in instead, please drop us an email. Thank you very much for considering adopting one of our rescued pets. Every little chance they can get is wonderful news to them!

Please review our adoption policy before filling out our application. If you rent your home, we must receive a written approval from your landlord giving consent for an animal, to live in/on the property, BEFORE the application process is started.