Dongdong and Didi's arrival on 3/20/09

03/25/2009 01:31


Dongdong and Didi have made their ways to U.S.! Dongdong was a second generation stray, and Didi was a small dog found on the street with a crippled leg.  Both of their lives have changed dramatically for the best. Thank you to our volunteer passanger, Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh, who made it possible for Dongdong and Didi to come to U.S.  Thank you to the volunteers in Taiwan that rescued Dongdong and Didi at the first place and arranged Dongdong and Didi's successful transportation to U.S.! Many thanks to the new families that open their homes for our rescued dogs.  We wish the joy and happiness stay with them forever.





Dongdong at his new home!

 Dongdong met his new brother!

Didi's New Home!

Didi and His new mom & brother.