Conditions for Taiwan Stray Dogs

02/03/2009 14:26

Conditions for Taiwan Stray Dogs
There are around 2 millions stray dogs and cats living in Taiwan streets. While nowadays house pets may live up to over 15 years, average life for strays in Taiwan is only around  2 years.  During this short amount of 2 years time, most of them lived under very poor circumstances, where they have to seek for food and water from garbage dumps, eating sands and stones to alleviate their hunger, been kicked away from stores to stores, house to house...etc.

It's is considered lucky for stray animals in Taiwan to be able to live in hunger but "safe" on the streets with very little food supply.  Unfortunately, most of them face insurmountable danger everyday.  Dangers such as animal abuse by human (using knife, rubber bands, ropes, boiling water/oil, fire, dragging by motorcycle, beating, poisoning and chemical burns..etc.), car accidents, bear traps, dog meat restaurants, puppy mills and of course, captured and euthanized by government-owned animal shelters.

Even though there are animal protection laws in Taiwan, but it only changed a very very small portions of the stray's lives. Because the responsible government agencies do not take this issue seriously and hardly ever enforce the animal protection laws.

We sincerely hope that you can spend sometime to browse through this website, to help us witness the pain that stray animals suffer from, and to further spread out this issue and bring global awareness to the plight of Taiwan stray animals.  Simply because only global awareness can push Taiwanese government to take the issue of animal cruelty seriously, and to enforce the animal protection laws and education. Maybe then, there will be no more animal torture and all the dogs and cats in Taiwan can have owners to look after them and live happily ever after just like how animals live in the advanced countries. Thank you for your help.