Why can't we release them back to the streets... 15 were murdered in one night

04/09/2009 20:36

Here is a news piece just released on 3/29/09.  15 mutt puppies and kittens were all tortured to death and their body were abandoned and exposed at a park in Yunlin County (Southern Taiwan).  Some of these puppies' skins were "peeled" alive; some of them were thrown to the ground multiple times; some of their belly were opened; and some of them were beaten by a baseball bat to death. There was blood everywhere.  A group of senior citizens, who always exercise at that park in the morning, were all shocked to see such a brutal crime happened in their neighborhood park. The park is a very popular place for irresponsible pet owners to abandon their unwanted litters. Lots of older generation pet owners think spay and neuter is cruel to these animals, but really, look at these murdered puppies and kittens, and they call spay and neuter cruel?

An old lady who goes to the park almost everyday for exercise cried and said she really can't believe there would be people do such things to these cute puppies and kittens.  She fed these poor animals just the day before, and they are now all dead! A neighbor also mentioned that he heard scrams, but he didn't think it was a big deal.  He was also shocked to see 15 little dead bodies on the ground.  Unfortunately this kind of thing does happen quite often in Taiwan.  Right now we were told this event is under investigation by the police. However, most of the times the justice won't serve for animals that "don't have the right to vote…" We can only wait and see. 

The photos of these poor souls follow. Warning for graphic violence.








source: Apple Daily News