Who We Are


Sweet Home Rescue is a Los Angeles County based, registered 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization with the mission to rescue neglected, abused and homeless dogs and cat. This organization's success is due to volunteers only and every one of them is dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats in need and placing them into sweet and permanent homes. Even though Sweet Home Rescue is a small organization, we have had tremendous success in placing recued animals in sweet homes. Please consider one of them as a new addition to your family.

Many of our rescued animals were ill, neglected and/or abused when we first rescue them; therefore, all of our available pets are examined and treated by veterinarians and are placed in foster care to rehabilitate, recover, socialize and wait for their forever home. By doing so, we are able to evaluate each pet's individual needs and temperament, and will allow more successful adoptions.

We are also in collaboration with rescuers in Taiwan to help rescue dogs and place them into loving homes in the U.S., mainly California. Our rescuers in Taiwan dedicated their works in saving dogs from the streets, pounds and other abusive environments, such as dog slaughter houses or violent owners. Sadly, often times these animals still found themselves unwanted after being rescued because of the overpopulation, and pet owners in Taiwan only have their eyes on smaller dogs and brand name dogs. For more information on Taiwan dogs, please visit our resource page.

We rely solely on foster homes, so please consider foster for us by sending an email to: SweetHomeRescue@gmail.com. We will provide food and medical expenses, and you will provide space, time and unconditional love to these animals.

If you are looking for a companion dog or cat, we sincerely hope that you can consider adopt one from us, shelters or other rescue organizations. These animals need these chances very much! Please don't purchase from backyard breeders or pet stores. Adoption saves lives!